12 Things to know about Christmas in Australia


Kwanzaa is a holiday in American and African cultue. Other people are aloud to join.

The 12 Days of an Aussie Christmas is one of our favourites. We hope you enjoy these videos to teach more about christmas in Australia.

Six White Boomers is a fun christmas song about white kangaroos helping Santa because it is too hot in Australia for the reindeers.

Here is the fun version of Australian Jingle Bells.

In Australia we have some more Christmas lights. nanjers

34J Traralgon - Australia Yewande

Image result for christmas food
Image result for christmas food

This is a fruit cake most people make fruit cake on Christmas.

Here is a traditional Australian dinner table. Meats, Vegetables and seafood.

food2.jpg food3.jpg
This is a pavlova dessert Mrs Joyce's favourite. Many families celebrate together. This is a similar picture what christmas lunch looks like at the Joyce's.