Mr Drezek and Students New York, USA

Students from Mrs. Amoia's class (Grade 3) & Mrs. Poleon's class (Grade 9)

Hello! We are glad to be a part of this project and are excited to share some holiday traditions and interesting things about Christmas in New York. Our school, Lake Shore Central, is located in Angola, NY just outside of Buffalo, NY along Lake Erie. Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes of the United States. The arrow points to where we are located. In the first satellite image the lakes are not frozen but often by the time Christmas arrives they look like the second photo!



Don't leave your car parked along the lake overnight in December or this could happen. This was not far from our school!

Many think of New York and think of New York City, home of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Time Square. However, we are near Buffalo, NY which is on the complete opposite side of New York State.

Around Christmas when we are on a break from school, many play in the snow, go skiing, go ice skating, play hockey on a frozen pond or go snowmobiling. At Canalside, people can even play a game called curling or ride ice bikes. This video will show you. Our Grade 7 class will be taking a field trip here in January.

Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. In our public school, because some have different religions and beliefs with not every student celebrating Christmas, we often refer to this as the Holidays. In late November you will find our shopping malls and stores busy with people searching for the perfect gift to buy for a loved one or friend. Black Friday, the day after our American Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the year. Some people even stay out all night to buy gifts. There are also many families in New York who do not have the money to do this kind of shopping. At our school, we have things like the tree of warmth where hats, gloves, and scarves are donated to help those who may be homeless or cannot afford these items. Our Grade 8 students just collected food for the Food Bank of Western New York to help those who need food. While many students love getting presents and gifts at Christmas, they also do a great job of practicing helping and giving to others to capture the true spirit of Christmas.

This is also the time when many houses begin to decorate with lights. Some families go to great lengths to decorate for Christmas. This video demonstrates this:

Not far from our school, a famiy just won $50,000 in a contest called the "Great American Christmas Light Fight" by decorating their home in a Disney Theme. It is known as the Singing Twinsmas House because there are faces made of lights that sing and it was designed by two twin brothers.

Now let's take a trip through some of our schools to see how Christmas is celebrated. From door decorating contests to donating to a cause to student artwork to holiday concerts, there is a lot of activity around Christmastime!

AJ Schmidt, Highland, and JT Waugh Elementary

Middle School

High School
Above: Lake Shore High School
Fleece Navidad Campaign to raise money to help save lives by donating llamas. Learn more here: Fa-La-La-La Llamas!

Instead of just me telling and showing about Christmas, we will hear from students about their Christmas traditions as well as their Christmas wish for the world.

Enjoy our student made Buncee cards!

Virtual Reality scenes created with CoSpaces by our English 9 Honors classes. View our traditions here!
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Even though we live in New York, we are still far away from New York City. For now, we can experience a little bit of Christmas in the "Big Apple" through this video: